Diabetes Treatment Guidelines: Paleo Diet and Bitter Melon

The easy way diabetes treatment guidelines is simple Paleo Diet and Bitter Melon raw fruit, capsules or tea. Paleo diet is the original human diet of organic fatty meat, vegetables and little fruit in season. Animal fat becomes a major source of energy and this allows you to burn energy at a steady pace, you avoid sugar spikes and crashes. The vegetables, especially bitter melon gives you minerals you need so you can process carbohydrates properly.

Read a diabetes cure testimonial from a paleo diet forum:

I was looking for something to even out my blood sugar, as I was getting bad blood sugar crashes several times a day. I was looking at low-GI diet books on the library shelf when I saw Rob Wolf’s books nearby on the shelf. I brought it home, read it, and the evolutionary logic made sense to me. The foods allowed immediately appealed because I like meat, fish, fruit and veg, and I’m lactose intolerant. I’m also interested in self-reliance, and when we retire we’d like to live semi-rural and grow a lot of our own food, and on this diet you could grow, gather, hunt or catch just about everything yourself.

I did some more investigating about the nutritional profile of the diet and the health effects, and the news was all good so I decided to give it a go. It has fixed my blood sugar and so much more! I’m very glad that book was there on the shelf.

Source: Caveman Forum

Diabetes Treatment Guidelines: Bitter Melon

And to be doubly sure, always have a bitter melon tea bag with you whenever you go out for socials. Ask for hot water and you have your social drink… bitter melon tea. Like so:

Bitter Melon Supplements? Click here.

Diabetes Treatment Guidelines: No Wheat

Absolutely, non-negotiable, no wheat in any of its infernal incarnations or iterations. No whole wheat, no to cracked wheat, no to any flour, no to crackers, no to spaghetti, no pizza, no pasta, no bread, no no no and no.

Wheat is a neolithic food, not paleo diet. It may be the staff of life for some, but definitely it is the staff of death to diabetic you. It’s just not for you, not even if you beg about it.

Diabetes Treatment Guidelines: No High Glycemic fruit

Cannot do factory too sweet fruit. Only organic or wild natural fruit. Even then, only up to 1 serving per day. And you will have to choose your no no fruits. Fruits that can give sugar spikes are some varieties of mangoes, some varieties of bananas, some varieties of pineapple. There is no hard and fast rules, you have to be able to choose and test what works for you.

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  1. Meliss@ says:

    Thank you so much for this website. I am a type I diabetic who has found the Paleo diet lifestyle in the past year, and it has done wonders for my blood glucose management. I am about to start a bitter melon regimen myself, and was looking for more information about how it reacts with the body and insulin one may already be taking.

    Folks need to know there are more natural, healthy solutions to blood glucose management than injections and pills.



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