Testimonial: Bitter Melon for Diabetes of Messenger Adel

Some 2 months ago I had a heart to heart talk with my stock broker’s messenger, Adel about how he can cure his diabetes. I talked to him about the Paleo Diet. And that he needs a lot of fat in his diet. That he should not be following the defunct food pyramid with minimal fat to the point of avoidance. I taught him how to eat. And I also taught him to eat 1/4 of a raw bitter melon fruit daily. And I taught him how to use bitter melon tea to control his blood sugar levels fast.

In just 2 weeks, Adel had his blood sugar under control. In a few more weeks his complexion had changed from tired and old to young, happy and strong. He has changed. He may not be executing the paleo diet correctly but he has discarded the worst culprits like crackers, candy, bread and other wheat products. The bitter melon tea worked. He forgot about coffee.

Adel owes me a video interview. The next time he comes by my office I will be taking his video testimony.

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  1. Maria says:

    I just started drinking bitter melon tea, a cup with each meal. I am excited about this tea but I’m just winging it. What is the best way to use this tea. What about bitter melon capsules?

  2. kofi larbi boakye says:

    can bitter melon really cure my diabetes which has been with me for about ten years now?

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