5 Major Improvements to The Diabetes Lifestyle, Diabetes Mellitus Diet Conventional Wisdom

I was reading an internal corporate magazine of a bank called Bankers Bond for the 1st quarter of 2012 and an article I found interesting was on page 29 entitled My Sweet Life. This was written by a woman who sees herself as successfully adjusting her lifestyle to that dictated by common medical conventional wisdom. One that could use these 5 major improvements.

The author, Nonna was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at age 27, this was 11 years ago, thus the author is now 38. Author revealed her family had a history of diabetes. And she was still able to give birth to 3 children assumed via the medical system again all heavy at birth but premature.

The author shares challenges when relatives send big boxes full of goodies which includes many things for everyone, but she is happy to receive glucose test strips and syringes. The treats she receives are sugar-free chocolates, coffee, gums and cookies.

Author shares that her staple food is bland, but says she is used to bland food.

Author admits that medical expenses for insulin and other medicines are quite big, but thanks to her company medical benefits, the company reimburses part of her medical expenses.

Author admits to injecting insulin twice a day. Her children are used to being pricked for a drop of blood to check their blood sugar levels at times. This may mean the author also pricks herself regularly to check her blood sugar levels.

Author admits to embracing her condition, thinking it is common enough and accepts the conventional treatments that she is led to believe that diabetes mellitus cannot be totally cured.

When the author feels down and sluggish, she just glugs down some “Coke Zero” and claim she is blessed, healed and sweet.

Author notes at the end of the article that “Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 is a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood glucose and insulin deficiency. Classic symptoms are excessive thirst, frequent urination, and constant hunger. Type 2 diabetes is initially managed by increasing exercise and dietary modification.”

— end of the conventional medical wisdom article —

We now present some 5 MAJOR MAJOR improvements the author Nonna can make in her current conventional diabetes mellitus lifestyle.

1. RE-DEFINE Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 – is a diet compatibility disorder, persistently eating a diet that is not compatible with human requirements. The symptoms experienced such as high blood sugar levels, crashes, excessive thirst, frequent urination and constant hunger show that basic dietary requirements are not met and the body is doing the best it can to deal with the current bad diet situation. Diabetes Mellitus can be eliminated / cured via Highly Nutritious High Fat version of cooked / rare / raw Paleo Diet and there will be no need for drugs or insulin injection.

2. NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. Stop eating sugar free and artificial sweeteners… these are chemical bomb poisons and are not historic, nor prehistoric foods that humans should be eating.

3. EAT HIGH FAT. Eat a high saturated raw / rawish fat diet with such as those from raw wild fatty fish / sashimi, rare grass fed beef / lamb steaks or bone marrows, ghee / clarified butter, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil. You must realize that the cholesterol myth heart disease myth is a total myth and statistical fabrication… a certified superstition preventing you from eating the high fat paleo diet you need.

4. BLAND IS OUT. Eat delicious naturally and minimally condimented meals with real condiments only such as mined mineral filled real salt, real fermented vinegars, real lemons, real grass fed butter, real raw organic onions and ginger and garlic and freshly ground pepper. Eat organic, spend on organic, these raw materials, the meat, the vegetables when organic taste delicious by themselves.

For example:

5. NO CAFFEINE. NO DECAF. Stop drinking coffee and other caffeine containing teas. These are liver poisons. Replace your hot drink with a non caffeine containing herbal tea such as bitter melon tea and you may add a touch of indian / sri lankan authentic cinnamon for taste. Bring some various tea bags everywhere you go for socials.

The operative concept is High Saturated Animal Fat PALEO DIET. Widely reported to address obesity and blood sugar issues. As reported by independent testimonials. For example:

EAT your ORGANIC VEGETABLES lightly steamed, raw or juiced. They will give you the minerals you need.

EAT your ORGANIC, GRASS FED, WILD fatty animals. They will give you superior fats and proteins you need.

EAT your ORGANIC NON-SWEET FRUITS such as cucumbers and bitter melon for hydration and variety and nutrition.

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