About Diabetes Cure

This website is dedicated to my father.

I am the family healer.  Diabetes type 2 is curable.  All you need to do is change some things in your life.  Like diet.  And supplements.  Give up all drugs.  Repeat.  Give up all drugs.  Repeat again.  Give up all drugs.  Give up wrong paradigms like drug prescription drug use.  Give up wrong paradigms like the nasty wrong old food pyramid.  Give up wrong paradigms like the cholesterol scam causes heart disease paradigm.

Diabetes cure is about giving up wrong paradigms (drug use, cholesterol scare and the old food pyramid) addressing root causes while supplementing to lead your hand to the correct direction.  The root cause is covering up symptoms with drug use.  The root cause is eating a low fat high carbohydrate diet as recommended in the old food pyramid, avoiding saturated fats as in the cholesterol scare, and being malnourished in plant nutrients… which bitter melon serves in more than enough quantity.

Diabetes cure is about embracing the correct paradigms. The correct diet is obviously, nature specified human diet, the diet humans evolved in, the Paleo Diet.  High Fat, paleo diet.  The correct supplement is obviously simply bitter melon.

Stop eating bread, pasta, noodles, corn, wheat, oats, rye, potatoes, sugar, white rice, sugar bomb fruits and other high glycemic foods.  They are not human foods.  We just can’t handle them.  I don’t eat them… at all.  I recommend eating high quality animal grass fed meats and fats and internal organs, wild ocean fish, organic vegetables, organic hydrating fruit in season.  The rawer the better.

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